Okami: beta test version 3.0B-11

Beta test version 3.0B-11

Important notice:

Always use Okami programs from the same suite. Do not mix modules of different versions. With each update, the modules have become incompatible with older versions.


This new version is the result of a complete overhaul of the program. Older versions performed all the necessary decoding and conversion of Internet messages at import. This was done to reduce the payload on the GEM module and to speed up the actual display of messages on screen. But speed considerations of this kind are no longer valid on modern machines. Besides, once converted and decoded, it becomes very difficult, and in some cases impossible, to retrieve the original sources. And some modern features - PGP-MIME, for instance - require access to the original form of the message as it was sent over the net. This new version, therefore, writes the messages into the database exactly as they were received, and converts and decodes them each time they are loaded and written to screen.

The consequence is that you cannot use this version with your old data-base files. Messages other than plain US-ASCII would be garbled. Moreover, to enhance the flexibility and power of the program, the structure of the index files had to be changed as well. So I'm afraid you have to start afresh with this version.

Okami 3.0 boasts the following new features:

Please test and give me feedback!

Bug fixes